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“Am I writing a book?”

“Yeah, I think I’m writing a book.” That was the moment- mid conversation at a friend’s birthday dinner- when I decided to wholeheartedly commit my summer to writing a Young Adult Fiction novel.

Of course, I’d always identified myself as a writer. People often referred to me as such. But what had I actually produced? Some poetry. A few long-forgotten blogs. Sure, I may have spent my early twenties writing newspaper and magazine articles, but did that really make me a writer right now?

My answer was “No.” I wanted something tangible. Something that makes an audible thump when thrown on a desk. Something that can accumulate dust and collect creases. That eagerness is what led me to a 14-year-old girl named Harbor and this blog is going to chronicle our journey together.

Love, tiff
June 21, 2011

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