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Character driven – the fast and slow of finding yourself through other people


Personality mapping. I am writing a character-driven novel. It’s all about them! I’m trying to be true to each of my characters’ distinct personality types. But it’s hard to stay in their heads and not let my own experiences and opinions cloud their actions.

So I mapped their personalities and taped them on the wall in front of me, giving myself constant reminders of who these fictional folks really are.

My characters.  

Harbor: ISFP – The Artist.
She’s sensitive, unique, quiet, independent, earthy, moody, and very private. Harbor is a good listener and a good friend, who tends to be both passionate and cynical. She shares her ideas or opinions with very few people and lives her life by what “feels” right. She has no desire to lead others or to be led herself.

Aidan: ENTP – The Visionary.
He’s an idea person and a charming quick-thinker. He’s innovative, logical, competitive, outspoken and likes to take risks. He loves to debate and is always interested in the next best thing. He cares about today and easily overlooks how other people feel. Aidan hates when other people try to control him and loves to challenge the status quo.

Mr. Owens: INFJ – The Scientist.
He is a natural leader, a good listener and values intelligence above all else. He’s tremendously insightful but is difficult to get to know. He’s ambitious, focused on the future and wants to improve and organize everything. He can be arrogant, rigid and abrupt if he’s disinterested. He doesn’t waste time with people he doesn’t admire or value. Owens is a perfectionist and loves to solve problems.

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