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Story structure worksheet

Last year, I was lucky enough to attend a three-part story master class by Larry Brooks at the 2014 Willamette Writers conference.

Larry had the most useful writing advice I have ever heard. It gave me some incredible clarity on how to structure a story.

I use what I learned that weekend every time I write a story. Every time. 

You guys know that I am both a very visual person and a very lazy person. haha I don’t like to recreate the wheel. So, instead of drawing a new story diagram for every new story, I created a fill-able worksheet that I can reuse over and over again.

I thought I would be a nice human today and share it with all of you:

Download the PDF: Story Structure Worksheet – Created by tiffloveswords

Fill it. Save it. Print it. Repeat!

p.s. If you want all the story structure details, you will have to check out Larry’s workshops or pick up one of his books. Another great resource for structure tips is the Helping Writers Become Authors podcast.


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