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To the captain of the concrete ship

To the captain of the concrete ship, I get it
You’re trying to convince anyone to help you pull up that anchor
For an hour, for a day
If I were heavy like you, I might do the same

I was the fool who thought this could be something
Who thought when the weight was equally distributed, you’d be free
I was the one tugging at ropes, making calculations, planning the journey
That’s on me

Tell me, dear, how many hands did you need to fake buoyancy?
You were not waiting for the perfect wind or for the stars to align
Your most challenging course laid herself in front of you
And you crushed the compass

We both know that without an engineering miracle, concrete doesn’t float
It’s as likely as finding someone in a sea of someones with the exact same birthday
Sure, it’s possible…but at that rate, isn’t anything?
If anything can happen, then nothing can, too

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